Once upon a time, in a beautiful valley in Norway, there lived three billy goats named Greta, Grilda, and Gorping. They were known as the Three Billy Goats Gruff. This valley was a slice of heaven with its lush green grass, crystal-clear streams, and flowers that painted the ground with colors. Here, in this postcard-perfect place, Greta, Grilda, and Gorping spent their days frolicking and munching on the sweetest grass they could find. Life was peaceful, and every day was like a dream they never wanted to wake up from.

The Arrival of the Troll

But, as with all tales, peace was soon interrupted. Underneath the only bridge that connected their valley to the vast meadows on the other side lived a mischievous troll. This troll wasn’t your friendly neighborhood creature; oh no, he was as grouchy as they come and had a fondness for causing trouble. Travelers who wished to cross the bridge were stopped in their tracks, for this troll demanded a toll. Not coins or food, but something far more precious. He fed on the fear and frustration of others, laughing at their dismay.

This troll had eyes like saucers, green and glowing, with a nose so long, he could smell trouble miles away. His ears twitched at the slightest sound, making it impossible for anyone to sneak by. Day in and day out, he lurked in the shadows under the bridge, waiting for his next victim, turning what should have been a simple journey into a nightmare.

So, with the troll’s arrival, the peaceful life of the Three Billy Goats Gruff faced its first real test. Would they let this bully of a troll disrupt their blissful existence? Or would they find a way to outsmart him? Only time would tell.

The Goats’ Decision

After a day filled with worry, Greta, Grilda, and Gorping huddled together under a moonlit sky. Stars twinkled above as they mulled over their grim situation. “We can’t let that troll bully us anymore,” Greta declared, her voice firm and filled with determination. Nodding in agreement, Grilda suggested, “Why don’t we outsmart him? We’re cleverer than he is, after all.” Gorping, the youngest but not any less bright, chimed in with a sparkle in his eye, “Let’s each try to cross the bridge one by one. We’ll come up with clever retorts to whatever he throws our way.”

Their plan was simple yet bold. Each goat would approach the bridge at different times, hoping to outwit the troll with their wit and bravery. By the end of their meeting, a sense of hope had replaced the fear in their hearts.

The First Goat’s Encounter

As dawn broke, Greta made her way to the bridge. Her hooves clattered against the wood, alerting the troll of her presence. “Who’s that trotting over my bridge?” roared the troll, his voice echoing around the valley.

“It’s just me, Greta. I want to cross to the other side,” she replied, trying to sound as meek as possible.

The troll, with a grin revealing his jagged teeth, snarled, “Well, you’ll have to pay a toll, or I might just gobble you up!”

Greta, quick on her feet, retorted, “Oh, but if you wait a bit longer, my sister Grilda will come along. She’s much larger and more satisfying for your appetite.”

Fooled by her cleverness, the troll agreed, allowing Greta to skip and hop across to the other side. She breathed a sigh of relief, her heart pounding with excitement at having tricked the troll.

The Second Goat’s Encounter

Midday approached as Grilda took her turn. She approached the bridge, her steps heavier, each thud on the wooden planks bolder than the last. “And who might this be, daring to cross my bridge?” the troll bellowed, less patient than before.

“I’m Grilda, and I wish to graze on the lush grass on the other side,” she stated boldly.

Licking his lips, the troll warned, “I let your sister go, but I’m quite famished now. You seem like a fitting meal.”

Without missing a beat, Grilda smirked, “Oh, but you should wait for Gorping, our youngest brother. He’s the biggest and juiciest of us all. Wouldn’t he make for a grand feast?”

Once again, the troll paused, greed clouding his judgment. With a grunt, he allowed Grilda to pass, envisioning the feast that awaited him with Gorping. Little did he know, the goats’ plan was unfolding perfectly.

The Third Goat’s Encounter

Now, it was Gorping’s turn, the biggest of all three siblings, to face that grumpy troll under the bridge. Hooves clattering against the rock, he made his way towards the bridge with a confident stride. As expected, the troll, now seething with frustration from his encounters with Greta and Grilda, leaped out, more furious than ever.

“Who’s that tromping over my bridge?” roared the troll, his eyes ablaze with anger.

“It’s just me, Gorping, the biggest Billy Goat Gruff,” replied Gorping, his voice as steady as a calm river.

“Well, I’m going to gobble you up!” snarled the troll, thinking he finally had a chance to win.

But Gorping, wise and brave, had a plan of his own. “Why settle for me when we can strike a deal that gives you more than just a meal?” he proposed, hoping to outwit the troll with his clever words.

The Final Confrontation

Intrigued yet skeptical, the troll paused, giving Gorping a chance to elaborate on his cunning plan. Gorping, with the wisdom of his two sisters behind him, suggested a challenge of wits and agility. “Should you win,” Gorping said, “you’ll not only have me but also a promise that no other goat will ever attempt to cross this bridge again.”

The troll, blinded by his greed and the prospect of a sure victory, agreed without realizing he was stepping into a trap set by the three clever goats.

Gorping’s challenge involved racing to the other side of the bridge, solving riddles, and then leaping over a series of obstacles. The troll, confident in his brute strength, underestimated the cleverness and agility of Gorping.

As the challenge commenced, it became clear that Gorping’s speed and wit far surpassed the troll’s. Each riddle left the troll more baffled, and every obstacle saw him stumbling clumsily. Gorping, on the other hand, sailed through the tasks with grace and ease.

In the end, the troll, exhausted, defeated, and utterly humiliated, conceded defeat. True to their word, the goats proposed a new deal to the troll, offering him friendship and knowledge in exchange for safe passage across the bridge for everyone in the valley.


With the troll’s defeat, Gorping and his sisters returned to their valley, their heads held high in triumph. Their victory wasn’t just a personal triumph, but a win for the entire valley. It taught them the power of teamwork, cunning, and courage.

This tale serves as a reminder that no challenge is too big when minds work together. It encourages little ones to think creatively, to solve problems with wisdom, and to always stand united with their friends and family.

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