Meet The Team

The talented team behind brings together a diverse group of creative professionals from around the globe. Working on a freelance and performance-based model, each member contributes their unique skills and expertise to create enchanting tales for young readers.

At the heart of this creative endeavor is Alex Vee, the founder of Hailing from the UK, Alex’s passion for storytelling began in her picturesque childhood village. With a bachelor’s degree in English and a focus on creative writing, she channels her vibrant imagination into heartwarming stories for the website. Alex’s belief in the transformative power of literature is the foundation upon which is built.

Erin Silver, based in Toronto, Canada, serves as both an Author and Senior Editor, weaving captivating stories while ensuring the highest editorial standards. Ashling Kwok, from Sydney, Australia, and Lauren Wright, hailing from Calgary, Canada, contribute their imaginative storytelling skills as Authors and Editors, enriching our collection with their unique perspectives.

In New York, US, Matt Walsh brings his extensive experience as a Senior Editor, overseeing the editorial process with meticulous attention to detail. Across the Atlantic in London, England, Andy Cooper also serves as a Senior Editor, infusing our stories with his expertise and passion for children’s literature.

Our visual storytelling is brought to life by the talented Illustrators, Sarah Brown and Forsyth Harmon, both based in Toronto, Canada. Sarah’s vibrant illustrations and Forsyth’s artistic touch add depth and color to our stories, captivating the imaginations of our young readers.

Together, this dedicated team works harmoniously, driven by a freelance and performance-based approach, to create a magical world of bedtime stories. They ensure that each tale is not only engaging and entertaining but also beautifully presented to inspire and delight children everywhere.

Erin Silver, Author & Senior Editor

Erin Silver is a seasoned Author and Senior Editor based in Toronto, Canada. With a knack for crafting enchanting stories, Erin brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the team. Her meticulous editing ensures that every tale is polished to perfection, making her an invaluable asset to our children’s bedtime story website.

Ashling Kwok, Author & Editor

Ashling Kwok, an Author and Editor from Sydney, Australia, infuses her stories with a touch of Aussie charm and imagination. Her fresh and vibrant storytelling captivates young readers, while her keen editorial skills ensure that each story is engaging and well-crafted.

Lauren Wright, Author & Editor

Hailing from Calgary, Canada, Lauren Wright serves as an Author and Editor. Lauren’s stories are rich with creativity and heart, appealing to children of all ages. Her editorial expertise helps maintain the quality and consistency of our content, making her an essential part of our team.

Matt Walsh, Senior Editor

Based in New York, US, Matt Walsh brings a wealth of experience to his role as Senior Editor. His keen eye for detail and extensive knowledge of children’s literature ensure that every story meets our high standards. Matt’s dedication to excellence makes him a cornerstone of our editorial team.

Andy Cooper, Senior Editor

Andy Cooper, our Senior Editor from London, England, combines his passion for children’s literature with his editorial expertise to enhance our stories. His insightful edits and creative vision help bring our tales to life, delighting young readers around the world.

Sarah Brown, Illustrator

Sarah Brown, an Illustrator based in Toronto, Canada, adds a vibrant visual element to our stories. Her illustrations are filled with color and imagination, capturing the hearts of children and bringing each tale to life. Sarah’s artistic talent is a vital part of our storytelling.

Forsyth Harmon, Illustrator

Forsyth Harmon, also based in Toronto, Canada, is a talented Illustrator whose work adds depth and beauty to our stories. Forsyth’s unique artistic style and attention to detail enhance the visual appeal of our tales, making them even more enchanting for our young audience.

Alex Vee, Founder

Alex Vee, a vibrant 38-year-old storyteller from the UK, has always been enchanted by the magic of words. Growing up in a quaint village surrounded by rolling hills and whispering woods, Alex’s imagination was her closest companion. Her love for storytelling blossomed early, leading her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in English with a creative writing emphasis. During her university years, Alex discovered the power of narratives to captivate and inspire young minds. Her professors recognized her talent and encouraged her to weave tales that not only entertained but also imparted valuable lessons. After graduation, Alex channeled her creativity into a unique online space, creating a blog dedicated to children’s stories. Her blog quickly became a beloved corner of the internet, filled with enchanting tales that transport young readers to whimsical worlds. Parents and children alike are drawn to her ability to blend adventure, humor, and moral lessons in her stories. Each post is a testament to her belief in the transformative power of literature. Alex’s dedication extends beyond her blog. She frequently visits schools and libraries, sharing her love for reading and writing with eager young audiences. Through her engaging storytelling sessions, she nurtures the next generation of readers and writers, proving that magic truly exists, even in the digital age.