The Little Red Hen Discovers a Grain of Wheat

One sunny day, while pecking around in the yard, our friend, the Little Red Hen, found something shiny. “Oh! What’s this?” she exclaimed, looking closer. It was a grain of wheat. Eyes sparkling with excitement, she said, “I know! I’ll make some bread from this!” Just like that, a plan started to form in her mind.

The Little Red Hen Asks for Help

So, the Little Red Hen went to find her friends. “Who wants to help me plant this and bake some bread?” she asked. But, you see, her friends weren’t too keen on helping.

“Sorry, too heavy over here,” said the Cow, not even looking up.

“Chasing my tail, can’t stop now,” barked the Dog, running in circles.

“Eh, don’t really care about bread,” mumbled the Goat, busy with his own things.

The Little Red Hen Perseveres

Well, our hen wasn’t one to give up easily. “Fine, I’ll do it myself,” she declared. And that’s exactly what she did. She planted that wheat grain in the earth, gave it some water, and waited patiently for it to grow. Each day, she checked on it, whispering words of encouragement until little shoots of green started to appear.

The Wheat Grows

Time ticked on, and under the sun’s warm gaze, the wheat stretched up, reaching for the sky, turning from tiny sprouts into tall, golden stalks that swayed gently in the breeze. Every morning, the Little Red Hen visited her field, her heart swelling with pride at the sight of the wheat thriving. “My hard work is truly paying off,” she clucked to herself, her feathers practically shimmering with joy.

The Little Red Hen Mills the Wheat

Harvest time arrived, and the Little Red Hen, equipped with nothing but her determination, set to work. She gathered the golden wheat, bundle by bundle, and didn’t stop until every last stalk was ready for the mill. Off she went, the wheat in tow, to the miller’s, where she watched the wheat grains transform into fine, soft flour. “This will make the most delicious bread,” she thought, barely able to contain her excitement.

The Little Red Hen Bakes the Bread

Back at her henhouse, with the flour now ready, the Little Red Hen got down to the business of baking. She mixed the flour with water, a pinch of salt, and a dash of love, then kneaded the dough until it was just right. Into the oven it went, and as the bread baked, a delicious smell began to fill the air, drifting out of the henhouse and across the barnyard. Animals stopped in their tracks, sniffing the air. “What’s that wonderful smell?” they wondered, their stomachs rumbling at the thought of a slice of that warm, inviting bread.

The Barnyard Friends Change Their Minds

Nibbling on the bread, eyes wide with surprise, the barnyard friends realized what they had missed. “This is delicious!” exclaimed the Cow. “Wish I’d lent a hoof earlier.” The Dog, with crumbs dotting his snout, agreed, “Me too. Chasing my tail seems so silly now.” Even the Goat, who rarely showed interest in anything, nodded, “Should’ve helped. This bread’s amazing.”

The Little Red Hen Teaches a Valuable Lesson

Chuckling softly, the Little Red Hen looked at her friends. “Glad you like it,” she said warmly. “Remember, teamwork can make even the toughest tasks easier. Alone, I made bread, but together, we can make feasts.” Her words, simple yet profound, struck a chord. Everyone nodded, understanding the value of cooperation over excuses.

The Barnyard Friends Apologize and Help Out

One by one, the Cow, Dog, and Goat stepped forward, their heads bowed slightly. “Sorry for not helping earlier,” they said, each in turn. “We’re here for you now.” True to their word, they started helping around the farm more, sharing tasks and even planning new projects together. From that day on, the barnyard thrived, a testament to what can be achieved when friends work hand in hand.

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